The 5 Best Electric Guitars for Beginners

Starting to learn guitar can be an exciting yet daunting experience. As a beginner, choosing your first electric guitar is a big decision that will impact your learning journey. You want an instrument that is high-quality yet affordable, plays well right away, and will keep inspiring you to pick it up daily.

In this guide, we’ll review the 5 best electric guitar options specifically for beginners. These models strike the ideal balance of quality, playability, and motivation-boosting coolness. Let’s help you start shredding and making music as soon as possible!

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#1 – Yamaha Pacifica 112V

The Yamaha Pacifica 112V frequently tops “best beginner electric guitars” lists among experts, and for good reason. This guitar provides a professional feel and versatile tones exceeding its very budget-friendly price tag.

The Pacifica 112V nails the classic Stratocaster vibe and appearance. Its smooth neck, comfortable body contouring, and balanced 6-point tremolo bridge make playing this guitar a breeze while still feeling solidly constructed.

The pickups and 5-way switching give a diverse range of Strat-like tones ideal for beginners still exploring genres and personal sound preferences. Clean, lush sounds shine for chord strumming and jazzier lead lines. Switch to the bridge humbucker and dial in some overdrive for snarling rock and blues tones.

Overall, the Pacifica 112V is impossible to beat in value and quality for beginners wanting that timeless Strat-style guitar. It handles anything from country twang to metal shred, keeping new players inspired as skills progress.

#2 – Squier Bullet Mustang HH

The Squier Bullet Mustang HH takes some classic Fender looks and makes them beginner-budget-friendly. This short-scale model boasts high playability and hard rock voices perfect for aspiring shredders.

The Mustang HH sports two mini humbucking pickups with individual volume controls. These allow dialing in everything from glassy cleans to high-gain distortion. The smaller Mustang body size is also comfortable for younger beginners.

Add in the 24” scale length requiring less reach and attractive vintage styling, and the Bullet Mustang HH is built to get beginners wailing. Reviewers consistently praise its quality given the very accessible price. Plus it just looks cool reminding you to keep practicing and playing.

#3 – Squier Affinity Stratocaster

You can’t go wrong starting out on a Stratocaster. The Squier Affinity Strat captures the vibe and appeal of Fender’s iconic guitar model at a super beginner-friendly cost. This guitar became an instant modern classic for good reason.

The Affinity Strat features the familiar comfort-contoured alder body with a slim, fast maple neck. Beginners will find it very playable right out of the box. Three single-coil pickups offer tonal flexibility from spanky funk to searing solos.

While very affordable, the Affinity Strat still exhibits a nice fit and finish. Tuning stability and intonation allow beginners to focus on learning rather than constant tweaking. It’s a perfect platform for modding and customization later too.

For an authentic, versatile, and quality starter Strat that will spark motivation, look no further than the Squier Affinity model. You’ll see why generations of learners have started their guitar journey with a trusty Strat.

#4 – Epiphone Les Paul Studio

If you aspire to bluesy rock god riffing, the Epiphone Les Paul Studio offers an affordable entry point into the Les Paul experience every budding Gary Clark Jr. needs. This guitar keeps the essential DNA of a Les Paul accessible.

With its classic mahogany and maple body contributing to that legendary warm humbucker tone, the Studio plays and sounds fantastic both plugged and unplugged. Smooth playability right out of the box maximizes time practicing, not adjusting.

And of course, possessing a Les Paul shape just inherently feels inspirational. The Studio lacks only some cosmetic touches compared to pricier Gibsons. But the crucial tone, sustain, and craftsmanship of a Les Paul is known for making any beginner look like a cool axeman.

For those enamored with Slash and Jimmy Page, grab an Epiphone Les Paul Studio and immediately feel like a rocker. It effortlessly produces those singing lead tones we all crave.

#5 – Gretsch G2215-P90 Streamliner Junior Jet Club

If you want a guitar that stands out from the crowd, the unique offset-shaped Gretsch G2215 Streamliner Junior Jet Club deserves your attention. At under $500, this hollow-body beauty ushers beginners into the Gretsch vibe.

The G2215 substitutes a single Broad’Tron P-90 pickup for the traditional dual humbuckers. But this hot single coil still kicks out full warm tones with nice articulation. Open chords ring out wonderfully with the hollow construction.

Other great touches are the Adjusto-Matic bridge for easy setup adjustments, truss rod for relief tweaking, and master volume/tone controls. Little details like the pickguard and vintage knobs also up the cool factor immensely.

For beginners seeking an eye-catching guitar that plays smoothly and turns heads, we highly recommend the distinct G2215 Streamliner Junior Jet Club. It will make practice sessions fly by and have peers asking about your new axe.

What Makes the Best Beginner Electric Guitar?

When researching your first electric guitar, what specifications and features truly matter? Here are some top considerations:

  • Playability – Easy string action without buzzing makes learning easier. Test guitars in person.
  • Sound/Tones – Pickups and electronics that offer tonal versatility to explore.
  • Comfort – A body shape and neck you find comfortable even during long practices.
  • Brand Reputation – Known guitar makers ensure predictable quality.
  • Budget – Match your first guitar to your current finances and commitment level.
  • Appearance – Find a guitar you feel proud displaying and picking up to motivate playing.
  • Features – Little touches like tuners, fretboard radius, and hardware refinements improve functionality.

Prioritize playability first, then the rest based on your budget and preferences. Avoid super bargain guitars that frustrate and inhibit progress. You want an instrument that lets your passion for playing blossom!

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Starting on the right electric guitar makes a difference you can’t overstate as a novice. Handling a well-crafted, comfortable guitar immediately builds enthusiasm. Squier, Epiphone, Yamaha, and other reputable brands offer excellent budget-friendly options.

Think carefully about your goals, favored musical styles, and ideal electric guitar vibe. There are so many flavors – from shred-friendly designs to retro hollow bodies to metal machines. Match this big decision to your personal needs and musical growth will flourish.

Here’s to selecting the perfect beginner guitar that sparks years of musical fulfillment. Let these recommended models be doorways to discovering your creative passion and voice. Just be sure to practice regularly once you have that dream guitar in hand!

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